Friday, February 3, 2012

Embellishments completed

 Another full day stitching, yay, and I have completed the embellishments for the first Sue Spargo BOM block. I took this close up so you could see all the little bullion knots and bullion loops.  I'm actually not sure that my loops are quite right as they started twisting, but I still think that they are fun.  Each month we practice some new embroidery stitches so I hope to learn a lot through the year.  Being left handed does make learning stitches a little more complicated but I did buy a book for left handed embroiderers and that is helpful.  Anyway I am having fun and should end up with a bright and happy quilt.

I really wish you could see this in person, so much brighter and the texture the embellishments add is great.

And finally a little project for a nursery.  These are little animals that I cut and then simply fused to fun fabric and framed.  The hopeful mommy-to-be and I also made a quilt for this room but I forgot to take a picture before I delivered it.  I will have to check out the room soon and see how everything is coming together! 


Lisa said...

Your blog is wonderful. I agree the colors are even better than they photograph. I'm in week three, too, and I haven't even started mine yet!

Rachaeldaisy said...

It's great to close ups of your embellishments. I love your trio of animal pictures, they are so sweet!!

Cardygirl said...

Just lovely!