Saturday, July 9, 2011

Sue Spargo class

A couple of weeks ago Sue Spargo came to our guild for some workshops and a lecture and slide show. It was so exciting to see her work in person and even more exciting to take 2 of her workshops. This project is from an embellishment workshop. We completed the wool applique pot, some stems and some basic flower shapes before class and then came to class and started adding. What fun. Though this already looks pretty busy I would like to add a bit more embroidery and beads - I am definately not a less is more type person. Sue was a lovely person and if you have a chance to take one of her classes she will inspire you. She has a great blog too, filled with great photos of her work and her students work.

We used so many unfamiliar items that really add to the project, like mixing cottons and silks with wool and I loved her silk velvets and the silk flosses. I am looking forward to using some of the ideas in a future project.

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Lizzie said...

I love that Heather, I missed Sue's workshop last year when she came to Australia and I'm hoping she will be coming back next year..