Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hibiscus and Captain Russell quilt

Once again a block for the Chinese embroidery style quilt. I have spent the last few days preparing blocks for applique so that I will have some handwork to do on a long road trip. We were to leave early this morning to go to the In-laws in Ohio and then on to Canada to visit my family but instead are waiting around for our furnace to be replaced. We had finished packing and were just relaxing a bit before dinner when a horrible sound came from the basement. The brackets holding the motor had broken and it had fallen. But it was still running. Fortunately we were home to shut everything down and avoid a possible fire. So I guess there is a silver lining to everything. Anyway I now have a free day to sit and sew or prepare another block. I currently have 5 applique UFO's and really should focus on just one.
Here is one of the blocks of one of the UFO's. This is a corner block of the Captain Russell quilt from the Baltimore museum of art. I have 12 blocks and the center medallion complete except for the very center.
Seems crazy not to finish this but I am struggling with the center. The original quilt has an eagle in the middle and I just don't really want a giant eagle there. I changed a few of the other blocks too and am planning a basket of flowers in the center, I just need to get it cut and prepped. More photos of this quilt to come. I am hoping that by posting I will get the inspiration to finish!

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Cheri said...

And I thought I was the only one juggling several applique quilts :) Your work is just breath taking. Enjoy your trip, when it starts, doesn't it just figure something like that would happen at the last minute.