Sunday, July 3, 2011

Applique Retreat in Lake Tahoe

A few weeks ago I spent a lovely week at an Applique retreat in Lake Tahoe. Our leader for the retreat was Sandra Mollon who does fabulous work with embellishments on Baltimore Album quilts. One of the best things about the time there, besides the great weather, food, views and learning was spending the time with my son. He actually invited me to join him and it was so much fun sewing together and meeting many of his quilting friends. The picture above is of Sandra's work.

This is one of the blocks that I was working on. It is an original quilt design based on Chinese embroideries. I have a few more of these blocks done and will try to post them soon. Still having trouble figuring out this blogging stuff especially posting photos but hope to get the hang of it soon.

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Doris said...

This is gorgeous, Heather! Makes me want to pick my applique back up, even though mine has never been anything this fabulous!!!

Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog the other day, I'll email you more when I recover from retreat in a day or so! ;-)