Friday, October 30, 2015

My first Feathered Star and some finishes

Seems like I haven't posted in awhile but I sure have been busy sewing. Sometimes I just feel the urge to sew like crazy and this week was one of those times. I actually ended up with several finishes, cleaned up some areas of the studio and tried out some precision piecing all while feeling a bit of a cold. And we babysat the grandchildren twice! How is it that some weeks I can get so much done and other weeks it feels like I have accomplished nothing! Anyway, first up is my first attempt at a feathered star. I followed an online tutorial on a blog, It's Molly's Place, and in one long morning made this block. I am really pleased with how it turned out and now have the confidence to try this block again in a bigger project. Careful cutting, a perfect seam allowance and slow careful stitching were all it took to get good results.

That afternoon I quilted and bound it making this cute little wall hanging.

It should complement this batik quilt, Winter Blooms, which I quilted the following day. Sadly you cannot see much of the quilting in these photos. This will be perfect hanging in my livingroom after the Christmas chaos when I am in the mood for these more serene colors.

And speaking of Christmas, I quilted and bound this Sampler Magic quilt from a pattern by Lori Smith that I made to use on my bed at Christmas. I love the non traditional colors and touches of shiny gold. Perfect to add a little bling to the holiday.

And my Mystery Gone Astray quilt is now ready to be used as a throw when I decorate the livingroom for Christmas. This quilt began it's life as a mystery quilt but after making 200 flying geese units I saw a photo of a quilt like this and decided to come up with the pattern and use those units in this quilt instead. The mystery was revealed a week ago and I like my version better so I am happy I followed my gut on this one.

Bonnie Hunter's mystery should be beginning next month so I have been clearing the decks to get ready for some power piecing to start. The colors have not yet been released but I am starting to think about what colors I might use, hope I can just raid my stash!



Janet said...

Your feathered star looks fantastic! Perfect, beautiful points :0) It's my very favorite block but I've never made one before - too chicken.... I will have a look at that tutorial. Your finishes are wonderful as well. Love the Lori Smith sampler and all those soft, pretty hourglasses. I have almost talked myself into trying the Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt this year. Every year I follow along but I've never jumped in. The stash is a great place to shop!

Kyle said...

What fantastic finishes. The feathers star is so precise. I guess that happens when you pay careful attention to details, like an exact 1/4"! I love your medallion and hour glass. The colors are soothing and look like winter colors without being chilling. It's a great applique for the center. Then nothing is better than r&w. It's beautiful.

Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow said...

The feathered star is gorgeous ! And so are your other quilts certainly have gotten very much accomplished ! :)

Karen in Breezy Point said...

All your quilts are lovely! I especially like your feathered star with the fussy cut bird--so pretty!

Susan said...

Love your feathered star, and your tips for a perfect finish are so true. Looks like you have been having a fun and productive time in your sewing room. The red and white quilt is gorgeous, good on you for following your instincts,

Aunt 'Reen said...

Your feathered star is stunning!
I also love your Winter blooms and Sampler Magic quilts!
A big fan of Red & White quilts - Mystery Gone Astray is fabulous!

You have been so fabulous busy - congrats on all these amazing finishes!

Jocelyn Thurston said...

Wow. Your feathered star is absolutely stunning. What wonderful work you do!

Flickenstichlerin said...

Dear Heather,
I am amazed about all these wonderful finishes. One quilt nicer then the other. Great accomplishment, love the colors, and the litte featherd star is just beautiful.

Karen said...

I made a wall hanging sampler of Feathered Star blocks quite some time ago. They do take a lot of time to cut and stitch.

Barb said...

wow what a great one woman quilt show here today.
Your feathered star is lovely. I've never made one.Your red and white is stunning too.
great inspiration - thanks!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful quilt! I agree with you - the focus fabric really makes the blocks pop. I like your feathered star. A couple of years ago I made one and will use it for a medallion, then I want to make an entire quilt with them. They are so beautiful. Martha McCloskey has the best books on making a Feathered Star. There is a very easy way to cut bias strips, sew them together and then cut out the small HSTs.
Keep up the beautiful work, and I too wonder how I get so much accomplished during one week then the next it is very few.