Thursday, August 11, 2011

Playing with paisley

These days I am really on a paisley kick and find I am seeing paisley everywhere. I am also in the process of doing some minor redecorating - just new pillows and curtain that I still need to sew and paint if I can talk DH into it - and this UFO fits right into the new plan. I have a crazy Yorkshire terrier who loves to jump up on all furniture and we have an off white ottoman that is starting to show signs of wear so I have been keeping it covered with a small 42" quilt. It adds color to the room and saves our furniture but won't match the new drapes so I hope to finish this one to use instead. This project was started in China but because of our abrupt departure was just sitting in a box. When I saw it the other day I decided to figure out a way to finish it. It is being designed as I go as I only have 2 charm packs and a jelly roll and then some yardage for a border. Since I now only want a small quilt I decided to save the jelly roll and yardage for another project and just use up the charm squares and a few other pieces of fabric. I am not fond of working with just a line of fabric and when I look at this I remember why - it just looks a bit flat to me. I have all these applique borders prepared to sew.As you can see one of the pieces is only partially sewn but it gives you an idea. Most of my applique is done using the needleturn technique and I glue everything down with Roxanne's glue baste before I start stitching. Usually I use a light box for placement but with this one I just marked where the points would be and that worked out fine. I hope I finish soon as I now am feeling a need to work on something bright again.


Ann Champion said...

What a pretty quilt! The appliqued border really adds oomph to the design..and will be at the edges so they won't get the wear that the center will. Perfect! :)

LuAnn said...

I love the quilt and the way you've used the fabrics. I think there is always something interesting in the combination of pieced and applique' borders and especially love quilts with both.

Brandie said...

Lovely! I love these fabrics, gorgeous!