Saturday, August 13, 2011

Kinda trippy!

You may remember this project from a previous post. I took a class with Sue Spargo when she visited our guild in June. This was the embellishment project that we worked on and I just put the borders on and quilted it today. The border is a little busy but I think it goes well with the 70's vibe going on in the center. The project sure didn't start that way but I think I ended up channeling my youth. I am trying out a different sewing machine for my free motion quilting on smaller projects and while it isn't perfect I am pretty happy with the final result.


Kathie said...

actually I think its perfect! just beautiful!

LuAnn said...

I really like it a lot. You've really had a lot of fun with the fabrics, and I think it looks great!

Lisa said...

OMG, this is fabulous!! I hope my projects turn out as good when she comes to town this fall. I always think my imagination will fail me.