Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Snowmen top complete

I finished the Snowman Country top today and I am really happy with how it turned out.  Using the white as sashing really seemed to brighten it up and somehow makes it look a bit more modern.  Unfortunately I haven't got enough of any one fabric for a backing so I will have to put my thinking cap on for a pieced back. I'm really trying hard to use fabric in my stash these days and so far I haven't bought anything new for this one, but I have a pretty big stash so I shouldn't have any trouble coming up with something!


cassi said...

Love it with the white sashing - good choice! Backings are always the biggest challenge in my mind. Usually what I want to use isn't enough, but there's nothing to go with it! Or, the one that looks great is already assigned to a different project! Or, you just plain don't have anything that's right. Consider using what you were originally going to use for the sashing - that's the kind of thing that just might work!

Barb said...

What a wonderful quilt...I just love it!!

What Comes Next? said...

this is a wonderful quilt!