Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Playing with the Longarm and Blogging Frustrations

I just realized that it has been quite awhile since my last post. I am still busy sewing but have been having some blogging difficulties lately. While I have no trouble posting it seems that my difficulties in leaving and receiving comments in my email is pretty much impossible. I get some of your comments in my email but not others and any comments I leave immediately bounce back saying they cannot be delivered! I miss my conversations with my blogging friends and the connection with everyone but am not sure how to fix it.

Anyway, I have been back on my longarm this month and finished up this fun winter quilt that was Quilt Doodles 2014 BOM. I made a few changes to the original pattern and love the finished result, a fun winter quilt in the guest room.

I even had some fun with the backing. I did not have enough of the backing fabric but did have a bunch of left over strips from the piano key border and one snowman face that I made the wrong size that I was able to incorporate into this pieced back.

And here are a few photos of the quilting detail. My longarm quilting still has a long way to go but I am learning to just have fun with it and try to come up with a few new pattern ideas here and there. This is the area I have the least confidence in but at least my tops are finally becoming quilts!

I also finished the 2014 Bonnie Hunter Mystery, Grand Illusion, just in time as this year's mystery begins on Friday.

You may have heard of the Moda Sampler Shuffle a block of the week available online through many different quilt stores. I am making my 6" blocks mostly from an old Moda fabric line Noteworthy by Sweetwater. These are fun little blocks and a great way to use up some fabric that I have had sitting around awhile. Perfect for those days when I just need some easy stitching. Here are the first 9 blocks, so cute and fun to make.

And ever so slowly I am assembling the blue and white Antique Wedding Sampler, sure hope I can show a photo soon.



Julimond said...

A quick note about emails. I had the same problem. AOL is the problem. I changed my mailadress in my profil.Google seems to get all people to Gmail.
Hope i could help you.
Iris from Germany

Flickenstichlerin said...

Dear Heather,
congratulations to your two wonderful finishes. Such beautiful quilts, both of them. And 9 more blocks done, wow, such great progress.

Janet said...

I'm sorry blogger isn't cooperating for you. I'm glad you haven't given up on it! Your 2 finishes are wonderful! Such a happy, fun Christmas quilt :0) Hurrah for finishing Grand Illusion - it looks fantastic on your bed! I look forward to watching your progress on the new mystery.

Kyle said...

Your winter quilt is super cute and your machine quilting was the perfect finishing touch. Glad to hear from you again?

Kath said...

How nice to see your splendid quilt. I love all the details, like the cute little deer!

cityquilter grace said...

an adorable winter quilt!

Quilty said...

I love your version of this cute winter quilt!
I also love love love your quilt on your bedroom's wall

Barb said...

I have problems with google too as far as getting emails.
Love your winter quilt - it is so so cute. what wonderful little details.
the moda sampler is wonderful too

Debra said...

Your Quilt Doodles quilt is adorable! The pieced back looks like you planned it exactly that way and was not from leftover pieces. So cute! Regarding comments, I have had trouble recently leaving comments on some blocks.. comment box would not come up. Very strange. Not sure if it is related to your problem, but by the looks of it there doesn't seem to be shortage of blogging issues. :-)

imquilternity said...

I, too, have problems leaving and receiving comments. I've just about given up and just enjoy reading posts anyway. Sometimes when I do receive a comment, it's from the same "person" - Karen Vail (which, from what I can tell, is strictly an anonymous name and is not the name of the person leaving the comment). It's been happening to me well over a year now so I don't have hopes of it improving. I have no clue as to go about "fixing" it. :)

Becky R said...

I was hoping for some insight on your design wall! It looks like you have batting but what's behind it or between it and the wall! Thanks.

A Nudge said...

All the quilts are great, but that Quilt Doodle's quilt is the cutest. Thanks for sharing.

gi quilt said...

Love all the thinks you do. Hang in there with the long arm.