Saturday, September 24, 2011

A little more piecing

This week I have had a bit of pain in my hip which meant staying close to home and continuing on my Christmas piecing project.  Due a variety of family circumstances I haven't really been able to decorate or get in the festive spirit the past few years.  Hopefully this year the stars will align and I will actually be able to put up a tree and decorate the whole house.  We are in a new home and I am really liking how this looks in our living room.  It has been a long time since I've done such a variety of pieced blocks and it has been lots of fun trying to improve my piecing skills. Most of this quilt is on a 2 in. grid so nothing was too difficult to match though I am by no means perfect.  I'm hoping to start a more difficult pattern soon and think that this helped get me in the groove.  Now a few more joining seams and on to the dreaded borders.  Have I mentioned before that I HATE doing borders.  Here is about where I usually stop, at the almost complete stage - I know what it will look like and for me, the fun part of piecing is over.  But I love the fabric that I am using on the final border so hopefully that will encourage me to continue and I'll be able to show a finished top soon!


Janet said...

I get stuck at borders too. The fun part is definitely piecing the blocks! I sure like this top. The colors are lovely for Christmas.

Janet said...

We'll just have cheer you onto the borders, not my favourite part either. It is looking lovely, I hope it gets to adorn your place at Christmas.