Tuesday, September 20, 2011

2 more quilted

 I am still working away on the applique in the Captain Russell quilt so thought I would show 2 quilts that I completed recently.  This first is "The Graceful Garden" from the book of the same name by Denise Sheehan.  The original quilt calls for a pieced border but I found this stripe as I was collecting fabrics for the quilt and am happy with how it worked out.  The background fabric looks sorta weird in the photo but it is a cotton quilting fabric with a printed shimmery design and several of the prints also have gold metallic.
 I must be secretly drawn to glitz cause I am noticing a bit of a trend in some of my recent quilts.
And here is the finished 12 days of Christmas quilt.  I quilted a scroll design in the border, some little holly leaves in the corner squares, a scroll type background design and then holly vines in the outside border.
This one really looks better in person and despite the border being darker than anticipated, I am happy that I will have a new quilt for the holidays.


Cheri said...

Beautiful colors in your Graceful Garden, I have seen that pattern and your quilt is just as lovely. The 12 days of Christmas also turned out so well, your quilting is as wonderful as your applique.
Happy Stiching Heather

Brandie said...

You are fast! I love the 12 days! I've had a drawing in the back of my mind for years using 12 days and you are rekindling that drawing. Beautiful work!

Carrie P. said...

I really like the stripe fabric, it works well with the rest of the quilt.
Oh, your Christmas quilt is just perfect.

Olga Garduz said...

Потрясающие работы!!!!!!!
Одеяло "Изящный сад" очень красивое, мне нравится как подобрана расцветка ткани- приятно для глаза!