Wednesday, December 10, 2014

A Woolie Party and more

Yesterday I enjoyed a fun day of stitching with the Woolie Women, a delightful group that meets once a month to share our love of wool appliqué and embellishment. The group was formed soon after Sue Spargo came to our guild and inspired us with her techniques and designs. I started when the group was formed and was sad to leave them when I moved. Ahh, one of the perks of moving was being able to rejoin this fun group. Anyway, yesterday was our holiday get together and we had a little pin cushion exchange. Here are some of the delightful pincushions each special and unique.

Sadly I don't remember who made each one but I made the white square one with the Sue Spargo bird. It was actually my third attempt. I made the same bird in the first one and decided to try a fancy assembly. It turned out cute but was huge, more of a pillow size so I have kept it. And my second attempt must remain hidden for now as I decided it was more suitable for a different recipient. I received the white square with the colorful embroidered squared, so cute - I love it. Thanks Judy!

I have also been working away on the Bonnie Hunter mystery and am pleased to be all caught up with the second clue. Here is my test block.

Bonnie provided instructions for 3 ways to do these double diamond blocks and I went with the third method which resulted in lots and lots of bonus HST units. These will be fun to play with later! Now that the white has been added I am much happier with my color selections. I like how the solid plays with the print fabrics and makes the colors pop. I am really having fun with this and am looking forward to part 3.

I have also been busy getting up the Christmas decorations. Last year at this time I was working on the Bonnie Hunter mystery, Celtic Solstice, and selected colors that would go with my Christmas decor. I knew it was not yet quilted but was shocked when I pulled it out to discover that I had not finished the borders. It must have been packed away unfinished during one of the house showings last year! Anyway I finally added the borders and here is the finished top. I love this quilt and really learned a lot from the mystery experience.

And here is how I am using it this season. It may not be finished but it adds lots of color on the back of a chair. And I made snowflake pillows this year too. I took felt snowflake placemats from Pier One and appliquéd them onto red fabric and then made quick pillow covers. Easy and cheap!

And another Christmas quilt over the mantel. I made this a few years ago for a guest bedroom. That was before I had the teal sofa and seeing these colors come together influenced our decision on sofa color. I am happy to be able to use it in the livingroom this year. Those silly looking stockings are a throwback to my childhood. Mine was a gift to me on my first Chrismas many, many years ago. I made one for my DH the year we became engaged and then one for each of my children for their first Christmas. I have made them for my children's spouses and my grandchildren and even for a dog or 2. They are kinda kitsch but have become a family favorite and they hang in each of our households. We still keep our youngest son's as he is still in college. I will be sad once we are down to just the two of us!

Finally I am still working away on Stonefields but I will wait til my next post to share that progress. Hope you are finding time to stitch in this busy season.



Oops-Lah said...

Lovely seeing your Christmas decorations around the house. Enjoy the season.

Karen H said...

Your home looks lovely with the handmade accents. The quilt is perfect on the chair!

Barb said...

lovely collection of pin cushions.
Your decorations look so festive and nice.
Have fun with the new mystery

Art by Rhoda Forbes said...

What a great party, gorgeous woolies. Your GI is coming along beautifully, great colors. Also love your Celtic Solstice.

Emily Breclaw said...

Those pincushions are so cheery! And I love you snowflake pillow idea. I'm always perplexed by those intricate placemats. My kids would demolish them. But using them as pillow embellishments opens up a whole new world of possibilities :-)

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

You know I would love to part of that woolie group. What fun! Your house looks gorgeous with those stunning quilts. Amazing! :)

audrey said...

You have such a gift for decorating with your quilts! I think your Celtic Solstice is one of my favorites--great color combination.:)

Rachaeldaisy said...

It;s fun to see your Christmas decor. Cetic Solstice is such a beautiful quilt and no doubt this years mystery quilt will be too. If I lived near you I want to join the woolly ladies, what a fun group that would be!

Karen said...

Your mystery quilt is looking good. And I love your color choices for Celtic Solstice.