Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Race to the finish

Since the movers arrive on Monday and my longarm machine will soon be readied for our move I have been hurrying to finish my "Butterflies are Free" quilt. I am hoping to hang this one in my new home to set the decorating tone of our main living space so I really want it finished. In spare moments I was able to finish the appliqué on Monday and then assembled it yesterday. It is now on the machine being quilted and I am just taking a little break to post these photos.

I laid it out on my sofa with a piece of fabric that I am considering for reupholstering my sofa. Final decisions won't be made until we are in our new home but I am leaning towards this aqua color instead of repeating the green like I originally planned. Hmmm, I think maybe it is time for a change and it still looks good with the butterflies and would look nice with the green,black and white that I was already considering. Looking forward to some decorating fun!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Clearing the house and a quick peek

I've been cleaning out for the last week and took 6 car loads to Goodwill, a carload to the electronics recycling center, a load of books to the library used book sale and today filled a friends car with old quilting books and fabric for her church guild that makes charity quilts. So after a year of decisions and life changes this move is starting to feel real. The house has been photographed for the listing, after the real estate told me all the quilts had to come off the walls so the house would not look "old lady". I just had to laugh about that one.

I had another chuckle when I stopped by a local "Antique" mall the day after my Goodwill deliveries and saw an item I had taken to Goodwill the day before being set up for sale by a dealer. And clearly I don't need more stuff but I just wanted to see if I could find a piece or two of green transferware for my new house while I had the chance. Anyway, I hope she does well selling the trunk from Cost Plus World Market as an antique!

I haven't had much time for blogging or sewing but while sitting some repairs were being done in the house I was able to complete this little block. It is for a surprise quilt so I can't say more just in case the recipient happens to see this. So here is a quick peek.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Time is Flying

I am back in Georgia awaiting the arrival of a real estate agent to begin the listing process of our home here. I am surprised at how sad this is making me but I am leaving behind some wonderful quilting friends, a great quilt guild and most of all my son, daughter in law and precious grandson who turns one year old on Feb. 22. Though the move has been discussed and planned for almost a year, I now find that time is just moving too fast. I will probably be somewhat absent from my blog over the next few weeks as the packing begins, but I will try to keep up with reading when I can.

Not sure if I have shown this quilt before but it currently hangs in my kitchen and I am not sure I will have a place for it in my new home so I wanted to record it. I made it several years ago and can't remember the name. Since I still enjoy seeing this one I have a feeling it will find a place somewhere even if it is in my sewing room.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Whig Rose finished!

Ok, this is the final post about this quilt but I did want to show it finished. Not sure why there is a white spot in the middle of it but let me assure you it must just be the lighting cause in person it looks great. I feel bad bragging but I am just so proud to have this one finished. Oh and before anyone comments that the corners aren't perfectly matched, that is actually the look I intended. I wanted this quilt to have the look of the original and I love that the corners aren't perfect! It delights me that when you first look at it you might think it is an antique.